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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finally got the Houndstooth Clay right!

Why is this called Houndstooth? Well, I don't know, but if you've been following my 'Hounds Journey' on my FB page, you'll be happy to know (or maybe you won't care) :) that I finally got it! If you're curious enough to visit, you'll have to scroll down a bit. I've been Facebook crazy the last few days :)

So, here is my first try (horrible) -
Blekky - can't even tell what it is! 

So, after a lot of ruined slices of houndstooth cane, I finally created two barrettes that look like Houndstooth and I'm happy enough with them that I can quit working on it.

They still need to be sanded etc, and have a black rim put around the edge, but it's the pattern itself I wanted to get right! I may have done it! 
So, that project is officially over. Then I joined this FB group that does a cane every week for the year. I had to catch up on two weeks worth of canes! Luckily, they started with easy ones and I caught up - almost.

The first was a lace cane -

It's round now, but I squared it for application.
For some reason, today I was in the mood to make barrettes. So, I rolled out some base layers, squished the lace cane into a square, cut off the black wrapping and hit the clay running.

Added a little white ruffle just for fun. 
In making the lace cane, I had all kinds of leftover pieces of various size 'lace', so I decided to turn them into beads -

Not one the same shape or size, but all are color coordinated! 
That was so much fun, I looked through my cane stash to find other canes I could turn into lace canes. Of course, I found them.

Well, by then I figured it was time to get on with the catching up, so I went on to make my retro cane-
I haven't made anything with this yet, how much you wanna bet it could be a barrette? We'll see!  

There are a few more canes I need to make in order to catch up, but I will! Even though this is all I got done today, I still consider it a day well spent :)


  1. Great work - I love cane - and your hounds tooth is wonderful!

  2. Thank you both! :) I really appreciate the kind words.


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