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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to make a layer for your top

  That's kind of a lame title - but it's hard to explain what I'm going to show you! It looks like you're wearing an additional layer underneath your top - but you're not! We're going to sew a little tiny layer to the hem of your top and it looks fabulous!

First you have to pick a top and the fabric you want to use for the layer. I chose a knit top and a rayon challis for the layer.

This is my choice, a cute little red top with some black embroidery around the neck.

I cut 2" strips and served both raw sides. I cut about 3 strips because I wasn't sure yet what I was going to do.

I thought about a little ruffle.  It was fine. Maybe it needs some trim?

No, that's just wrong. 

Sort of okay but still not right. 

Pretty rose trim I've been saving forever - no. 

Tried and true black ric arc.

Ooohhh what about pleats? Yes, I like the pleats. I didn't measure them, just pinned them as I went along. 

Definitely the pleats. Now, sew along the hemline, making sure you catch the fabric layer. Since you're attaching a woven to a knit, you might want to use a stretch stitch. 

Ta-da! Love it. But now, it looked a little lonely with only one instance of the fabric, so ... cap sleeves! These are easy too. Cut out two sizes of circles, and serge around each one. Cut them in half. Now you have 1 big half and 1 small half for each arm. Layer them as shown, then pin them into the sleeve, adjusting as necessary. Pin into place and sew! It's a brand new top. 


  1. The tops look great with a little extra trim along the bottom and the sleeves. Love the red :) I also had to read back a bit to catch up with you, and your new space looks amazing! You've got everything tucked in there so nicely, you must be so pleased to have it completed and everything up and running now. Wendy x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Wendy - it's sure fun to do! Yes, I LOVE my space - hard to drag me out of it :)) lol


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