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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Picture Day!

It's a lovely cloudy day with a lot of light - perfect for taking good pictures!

I've never shown you (i don't think) my front door - the outside of it. I have a cute little porch, and I planted some morning glories in a pot next to it. They are starting to come up, so now to get a trellis of some sort.

I did say 'little' porch :) Still working on trying to get some kind of railing put up, and there is my pot of Morning Glory flowers.

Aren't they cute? :)

The new flower garden in front of our house, thanks to our Mom who planted it. :) We have an awesome Mom!

Isn't this just so cute? Kris and I went downtown on Thursday and looked in a few shops and I found this little thing that hangs on the wall. Now, I'm pretty cheap, and I don't part with money easily unless it's fabric related :) but this was $5. So, it came home with me and became the perfect place to hang my measuring tapes. Then I looked at the word Hope plus measuring tapes... funny Karen :/

Little bathing suit I made for 6 month old granddaughter. Took like ten minutes :)

And last and most important - see that top row of ribbon? Arrived today in my mailbox. I love the mailbox, it's always full of surprises. Grosgrain ribbon - 5 yes for about 1.04. 

Will keep you posted on the Morning Glories and how they grow! 



  1. Your little deck is so cute! I was just wondering if it was too late for morning glories. I planted seeds along our fence last year, and by September I had a beautiful HUGE vine full of blue blooms. I'll miss it if I don't do that again. I have a small front porch at my front door too, and have been thinking of adding a small chair (maybe). We have no railing either, but it really is a dangerous drop of about four feet on one side. I like your little doorknob hook ;) Wendy x

  2. I don't think it's ever too late for morning glories, Wendy :) And actually, mine will be afternoon glories, since I don't get the morning sun. But I welcome glory whatever time of day it comes! :) I'm surprised your morning glories didn't just reseed.


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