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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sometime in life you gotta rearrange....

or something like that. Well, I've had to rearrange my sewing space just a little - move my sewing machine desk so I can see the TV!

I have an order that will require lots of 'assembly line' sewing - we all know that requires a TV so we don't fall asleep and sew our hand to the assembly line!

So, I had to move it away from the window, and move it to the end of my bed. I think it will work out just peachy! 

Speaking of peaches, or well, strawberries :) this is the dessert we had last night - Strawberry Shortcake - YUM! 
And a little update on the Morning Glories. I've thinned out about 40 of them! And I'll probably thin them again - this many might take down the house! 


  1. I hope that the change will work, it is always good to change things around, to exercise our minds! advantage so happy sewing. a Pretty hug

  2. Thank you Janina - you're absolutely right! I've been sewing up a storm, and I like the new positioning. :)


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